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Alliance Logistix: A women-led, Minority-owned company

Building a Partnership for Success

The Story of Natalie,
Alex, and Kevin

Natalie, Alex, and Kevin have always had one thing in mind: Create long-lasting relationships built around trust & loyalty, and providing the best possible service. Over the span of 15 years of friendship and working together, they have refined what it means to be partners.

Natalie’s career in logistics started in 2008. She started as the “Temporary, Part-Time, Tracking Girl”, working at an agent office with a company called Market Transport (through several acquisitions became DSV Road Inc). She started working from a laptop at the break room table. She quickly moved up the ranks and by 2010 she was overseeing a small region of freight. By 2018, she had become the Office Manager overseeing staffing, HR, SOP’s, training and executing of operations.

Alex’s career started in logistics in 2007 at an agent office with a company called Intransit (through several acquisitions became DSV Road Inc). Beginning from the bottom of the company, he started in tracking and tracing. By 2009, he was overseeing a small region of freight in Northern California. By 2014, he began handling all bids and had grown to handling about 40% of the branch’s freight. In 2017, he became the manager of the branch and was overseeing the overall strategy and direction of the branch.

Kevin’s career in transportation began in 2005, becoming a dispatcher for K and K Mendez Trucking. When Kevin joined the company they had 2 trucks. In 2010, he had become the CEO of the company and they had grown to 7 trucks. By 2018, he had moved the company into a much larger yard. They had grown to over 25 trucks and 50 trailers. He built a team of mechanics and began offering truck & trailer maintenance & repairs to other trucking companies. They also leased out extra yard space to owner operators and smaller companies.

In 2019, both Natalie and Alex left the DSV branch and became an agent office at DSV Road. In 2020, they left DSV and became an agent office at Wilson Logistics, piloting their agent program. By early 2022, they had grown their agent office from just themselves to a team of 9 and were handling over 60% of the brokerage business for Wilson Logistics. 

In 2023, Natalie and Alex fully departed from Wilson Logistics and joined forces with Kevin to form Alliance Logistix LLC. All three have been in the industry and providing top quality services for nearly 2 decades. Together, they are striving to bring their family oriented and deep partnership approach to full fruition across their entire operation. With their vast knowledge of logistics and trucking, proven track record, and young entrepreneurial mindsets, they are aiming to bring new ideas and approaches to one of the oldest and most crucial industries in our country.

Alliance Logistix is a minority owned company.

Alliance Logistix is a women led company.

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