Partnerships built with you in mind

We have over 17 years of providing
industry leading brokerage experience.

We develop and grow our partnerships where it counts the most! We strive to create agreements that will survive and thrive in both soft and tight markets. Bringing longevity and stability to your network through our strategic partnerships, we can reduce yearly carrier churn and reduce network disruption. This leads to some of the industry’s most competitive long term rates, and will greatly reduce the impact of tight markets to your budget

While we are able to support all regions of the country,
we have existing dedicated operations
in place in the following markets

We take extreme pride and diligence in our performance. Many of our customers reap financial benefits from our industry-leading performance standards. By reducing late deliveries, reducing reschedules, and striving to provide 100% tender acceptance, we greatly reduce your cost to operate. Our high performance not only shines through to your customers, but it also lowers the time spent by your team on business we are contracted to handle.

Our Current Performance Metrics are

0 %

99.99% tender acceptance

0 %

98% On time Delivery

< 0 %

Reschedule rate of less than 2%

We have a strict policy within our organization, that if we accept a load,
we will not give it back to you. We find a way to service it, even if it is at a loss to us.

We are over 50% Minority Owned

We are over 40% Women Owned

We are an extremely Diverse company and will continue to strive to be an industry leader in workforce diversity.

We do not outsource any of our operations. From cradle to grave your freight is handled in house.

We are drop & hook capable

We are also heavy haul capable in select markets.

We have tech integrations with the following companies

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